Why Is Regular Exfoliation Extremely Important Too My Skin

23.08.2021 21:25, Bella Vi

Why Is Regular Exfoliation Extremely Important Too My Skin -              ~ Recommended Product = Bella Vi Derma Peel Skin Renew  

Regular exfoliation is extremely important, exfoliation removes dead skin cells that build up on the skin which can cause dullness, uneven skin texture, clogged pores & dryness. By removing the dead skin cells helps prevent bacteria build up, sweat and dirt from getting stuck on & underneath the skins surface. Regular Exfoliation process will refine the top layers of the skin making pores appear smaller by removing the dead layers that are compacted on top of the skin. It also allows the skin to breath, this means your anti-aging products will penetrate the skin more effectively leaving you with a complexion that is cleaner, brighter and more even and healthier. 

The three most common ways to exfoliate the skin are either chemical, granular or a tool. However Bella Vi’s DermaPeel uses a safe granular system called microdermabrasion, this is a patented treatment system that evenly smooths and removes sebum excess, impurities and dead skin cells. It is designed to exfoliate the skin without causing irritations or abrasions to the skin using the skin renew active 10% corundum clinical exfoliation system which designed to be a safe and effective exfoliation. 
Great Exfoliation is just one of the many benefits of Bella Vi’s Derma Peel, the active ingredients - Biotechnology Phytocelltec Argan Extract protects and revitalises the skin and reduces wrinkles by -26%, also another stand out active ingredient is - Arbutin is a natural skin whitening ingredient that is used to reduce pigmentation on the skin. The Derma Peel also contains Manuka honey which helps protects dermal fibroblast cells against oxidative damage, improving antioxidant response. These are just a few of the active ingredients, overall this product is star and a sure game changer in the way we exfoliate our skin at home. 
The Bella Vi Derma Peel can be used by all skin types and is Certified MadeSafe Non-Toxic & Allergy Certified= (free from key allergens and/or restricted chemicals), allowing the consumer to feel safe when purchasing. 
In Conjunction while using the Derma Peel we recommend our clients to use:

    • Bella Vi Rejuvenating Creme using this with the Derma peel ensures your skin regenerates, repairs and restructures for younger looking skin.