Meet The Founder

Bella VI helps to give you a glowing reflection of natural inner and outer beauty creating confidence and radiating femininity.

                No beauty shines brighter than that of a GOOD HEART

Co Founder: Melissa Furze is a qualified Cosmetic Aesthetician with over 25 years’ experience in the beauty therapy industry. Melissa is passionate about offering women validated- safe, natural products that help to improve and protect your skins health and vitality.

It all started with a Vision to create a beautifully exquisite boutique collection of naturalceutical cosmetics that women could trust and have a romantic lifetime love affair with

Celebrating and enhancing unique natural femininity, mirroring and reflecting your inner beauty

A qualified Cosmetic Aesthetician and makeup Artist of over 25 years, makeup and Naturalceutical Skincare has always been her passion. Melissa evolved her skills into advanced skin treatments for the caci clinic to working as a freelance makeup artist and working in retail for prestigious makeup brands

She learned that in just a few minutes of applying makeup you can transform a women’s sense of feeling giving her an instant boost in confidence in helping to make her shine brighter

                                                           The choice is yours, with Bella Vi you can create it