Is Mineral Makeup Suitable For Sensitive Skin

23.08.2021 21:16, Bella Vi

 It is reported that as much as 50% of women can experience sensitive skin conditions including itching, burning, redness, eczema, rosacea to having very sensitive skin.

Are all mineral makeups the same when it comes sensitive skin? The answer is no. There are a number of very important formulation factors when it comes to a beautiful mineral foundation. Women need to make an informed decision on this topic to ensure they choose the ‘right’ mineral foundation formulation that offers a gentle caring solution to their sensitive skin. There are some mineral makeups that claim their products can be used for sensitive skin when in fact there has been no testing of the product to substantiate the claim.

However there are brands for example Bella Vi support their claim and had their mineral foundation successfully dermatologically tested in an independent USA laboratory and clinical environment. The procedure was carried out on 50 individuals of which approximately 50% of the individuals having sensitive skin. Bella Vi have substantiated their claim of having a mineral foundation that is shown 
To Be A Non-primary Irritant To The Skin.  (caring for your skin they like to say).


Another VERY important recommendation from Bella Vi  is to use a Dermatologically Tested primer or moisturizer under mineral foundation as the two products are designed to work together to help with your sensitive skin issue. Always patch test products to evaluate if the product is right for your sensitive skin. Bella Vi recommend you start with one product at a time when you have sensitive skin. Also avoid known irritating ingredients like Bismuth Oxychloride found in some mineral brands.