Revealed: How to achieve a flawless foundation finish

23.08.2021 04:48, Bella Vi

There’s not much to applying foundation. Put it on, and ready, set, go… right? 

Well, not exactly!

Although a makeup routine should never be complicated (or time consuming!), there’s two things you can do to get the most out of your makeup – and achieve a perfect finish.

Want to know what they are?

1. Prep your skin
2. Apply the right foundation the right way

Let us explain…

Prep your skin

Before you even apply foundation, make sure you’re going to get the most out of it. That means:

  • Applying primer
    The primer’s job is to calm, smooth and protect your skin. It’ll help the foundation go on evenly, and make it last longer. If you’re not using a primer, you’re really missing out!
  • Using concealer
    Concealer is amazing. We’re not kidding. Pop a light layer around your eyes, and dab a little over any blemishes or pigmentation – it will give you smooth, even foundation coverage!

Apply the right foundation the right way

What’s your foundation of choice? Is it liquid, loose, or pressed? (Heads up, if you want to know which you should use on your skin, check out our handy guide.)

Once that’s sorted, you just need to know how to apply it!

1. Liquid foundation

Our top tip for liquid foundation? It dries quickly – so it’s best to tackle this one in small steps.

Apply a small amount onto the back of your hand (about the size of a pea should be plenty!). Using a flat-top kabuki brush, gently buff your foundation onto your skin in small areas. Apply it in short, feathered strokes. 

(Pro tip: if you blend it out twice before applying more, you’ll achieve more even coverage!)

Want to round it out and get a matte finish? Pop a light layer of pressed powder over top. It’ll help set it – and it’s handy for touch-ups later on!

2. Loose powder foundation

Loose powder foundation has the fastest application – simply brush it all over your face in a sweeping circular motion until you’re satisfied with the coverage!

It really is as simple as that, but here’s a bit more detail anyway: it’s important you apply loose foundation powder with a soft kabuki brush. Take the brush, and dip and swirl it in your powder. Tap the brush into the lid to remove excess, then blend onto your face in a sweeping circular motion. Continue to apply down onto neck for a perfect blend and a natural skin tone. 

Want more? Build coverage with additional layers.

3. Pressed powder foundation

Worn on its own, pressed powder foundation is a light cover on your natural skin.

Like the loose powder, apply it with a soft kabuki brush in a gentle sweeping motion. Lightly blend it outward into your hairline and across your eyelids. You’ll achieve a fuller coverage by applying it in fine layers.

If you’d like to see see how it’s done, watch our Youtube tutorial videos.